One Hundred and Eighty

1Ashley Denton5Coleview APremier
2Lee Evans4Saracens APremier
3Danny McGahey4Fox & HoundsPremier
4Gary Milligan4Even Swindon XA
5Johnny Haines3High St Club XPremier
6Ian Moss3Coleview XPremier
7Dennis Smith3Coleview XPremier
8Mark Cox2Abbey MeadsPremier
9John Deacon2New Inn ZE
10Stuart Emms2Bees Knees ZPremier
11Matt Goulding2Even Swindon ClubE
12Dean Jones2New Inn AB
13Dave Mildenhall2Even Swindon XA
14Glen Scharming2Saracens APremier
15Dave Woodwards2Even Swindon JA
16Cliff Bligdon1Saracens A
17Iain Blood1Coleview APremier
18Neil Bourton1North Swindon D
19Andy Bowers1Charrins APremier
20Steve Clapton1Bees Knees JC
21Scott Clarke1The Iron HorseC
22Gary Court1Saracens APremier
23Chris Daglish1Coleview XPremier
24John Day1High St Club OXC
25Dave Dudley1Ferndale XB
26J Eatwell1Bakers Arms BB
27Ian Glass1Rodbourne Cheney FA
28Steve Green1Even Swindon JA
29Ian Greenaway1Aldbourne ClubPremier
30Lewis Hackett1Coleview XPremier
31Connor Hughes1Duke of Edinburgh AA
32Andy Johns1The Folly InnD
33Pete Keen1Aldbourne ClubPremier
34Mike Lee1Fox & HoundsPremier
35Scott Lee1Bees Knees ZPremier
36Josh McCarthy1High St Club XPremier
37Dillan McMillan1Fox & HoundsPremier
38Scott McNeil1Fox & HoundsPremier
39Mark Motti1Bees Knees JC
40John Newland1High St Club XPremier
41Nick Price1Coleview APremier
42K Richards1Saracens APremier
43Kev Richell1Even Swindon BE
44Paul Rollett1Bees Knees AE
45Carl Savory1Jovial MonkA
46Norman Shears1Saracens A
47Phil Smith1North Swindon D
48Rob Smith1Bees Knees JC
49Tim Smith1The Folly InnD
50Jon Smithers1Duke of Edinburgh XA
51Colin Tilling1Kingsdown BE
52Neil Timbers1Charrins CD
53Jack Tweddell1Abbey MeadsPremier
54Roger Waite1Jovial MonkA
55Paul Webb Snr1Ferndale XB
56Jamie Wilson1Duke of Edinburgh BD
57Mike Wise1Liden Community Centre B
58Dave Wright1Bakers Arms CB