Highest Checkouts

1Keith Akers142Grange Drive CCB
2Keith Akers140Stratton RBL XB
3Keith Akers158Stratton RBL XB
4Chris Aubrey140Abbey MeadsPremier
5Adam Bartlett127Goldfinger BE
6Andy Bartlett106Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
7Rich Bennett157Abbey Meads BPremier
8Paul Blewett116Grange Drive CCB
9Paul Blewett116Grange Drive CCB
10Dan Butler106Coleview AA
11J Butler100Chiseldon SSCB
12J Butler116Chiseldon SSCB
13Stuart Caffin121Bakers Arms AE
14Steve Clapton100Bees Knees JC
15Steve Clapton148Bees Knees JC
16Steve Clapton120Bees Knees JC
17Steve Clapton106Bees Knees JC
18Tony Conn113Stratton RBL AA
19Gary Court124The Old Bear - CrickPremier
20Craig Cox115Abbey MeadsPremier
21Craig Cox133Abbey MeadsPremier
22Declan Cox126Abbey Meads BPremier
23Declan Cox124Abbey Meads BPremier
24Mark Cox138Abbey MeadsPremier
25Mark Cox170Abbey MeadsPremier
26John Deacon144New Inn ZD
27Keith Dixon110Kingsdown XA
28Keith Dixon120Kingsdown XA
29Chris Drew145Coleview BF
30Andy Edgar111The Globe - HighworthC
31Mark Embling170Abbey Meads BPremier
32Stuart Emms120Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
33Stuart Emms115Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
34Lee Evans150The Old Bear - CrickPremier
35Lee Evans170The Old Bear - CrickPremier
36Andy Fisher129High St Club OXB
37Jess Fox100Duke of Edinburgh LB
38John Fry144High St Club OXB
39Lewis Gibson160Eight Bells - FairfordB
40Lewis Gibson130Eight Bells - FairfordB
41Wayne Gibson158Eight Bells - FairfordB
42Wayne Gibson164Eight Bells - FairfordB
43Dave Gillman112Cotswold ClubE
44Aaron Gleed114Kingsdown BE
45Kevin Gleed120Rodbourne Cheney FA
46Kevin Gleed118Rodbourne Cheney FA
47Jon Goodall114Kingsdown XA
48Jon Goodall100Kingsdown XA
49Dave Gould152Stratton RBL AA
50Ian Gove114Bakers Arms AE
51Ian Greenaway120Aldbourne ClubPremier
52Richard Hallaway148North Swindon BF
53Clive Hamley113High St Club XXLC
54Matt Harris156Duke of Edinburgh APremier
55Matt Harris121Duke of Edinburgh APremier
56Daniel Herbert146Black Horse - Ciren C
57Paul Hills123Rodbourne Cheney FA
58Carol Hollick111North Swindon BF
59Juan Hopkins130Aldbourne ClubPremier
60Juan Hopkins108Aldbourne ClubPremier
61Andy Howe116Stratton RBL XB
62Andy Howe158Stratton RBL XB
63Andy Howe105Stratton RBL XB
64Andy Howe129Stratton RBL XB
65Connor Hughes145Duke of Edinburgh APremier
66Karen Hutton112New Inn BE
67Karen Hutton114New Inn BE
68Rachel Hutton108New Inn BE
69Andy Johnstone111Kingsdown BE
70Andy Johnstone106Kingsdown BE
71Andy Johnstone108Kingsdown BE
72Pete Keen164Aldbourne ClubPremier
73Pete Keen116Aldbourne ClubPremier
74Pete Keen140Aldbourne ClubPremier
75Pete Keen127Aldbourne ClubPremier
76Pete Keen126Aldbourne ClubPremier
77Pete Keen121Aldbourne ClubPremier
78John Kidd114Black Horse - Ciren C
79John Kidd130Black Horse - Ciren C
80Mike King104Bees Knees XXLB
81Mike King118Bees Knees XXLB
82Bob Knight102Fox & HoundsPremier
83Bob Knight144Fox & HoundsPremier
84Bob Knight106Fox & HoundsPremier
85Andy Lambert124Bees Knees AE
86Mark Lee121Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
87Mark Lee105Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
88Scott Lee141Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
89Craig Lloyd114Bakers Arms BA
90Craig Lloyd145Bakers Arms BA
91Alan Lyne114Bees Knees Premier
92Eric Mackrill157Grange Drive CCB
93Gordon Macmillan112New Inn ZD
94Josh McCarthy150High St Club XPremier
95Jimmy McDonald161Charrins AA
96Danny McGahey150Fox & HoundsPremier
97Dave Mildenhall119Kingsdown XA
98Dave Mildenhall126Kingsdown XA
99Dave Mildenhall101Kingsdown XA
100Gemma Mills150The Globe - HighworthC
101Gemma Mills141The Globe - HighworthC
102Bruce Motti110Cotswold ClubE
103Mark Motti104Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
104Mark Motti112Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
105Mark Motti109Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
106Mark Motti144Black Horse - Ciren BPremier
107Mark Mueller158Bees Knees Premier
108Liam Mullins102Goldfinger BE
109S Page142Aldbourne Club CE
110Jon Painter125Cotswold ClubE
111Daniel Peaple106Abbey Meads CD
112Bob Phillips135Coleview AA
113Bob Phillips117Coleview AA
114Bob Phillips110Coleview AA
115Bob Phillips134Coleview AA
116Bob Phillips101Coleview AA
117Bob Phillips108Coleview AA
118Bob Phillips100Coleview AA
119Bob Phillips100Coleview AA
120Rose Pollock110Goldfinger C
121Paul Richards160Saracens B
122Lynton Ruddle104Goldfinger BE
123Paul Sandry130New Inn ZD
124Mick Savvery120Abbey Meads BPremier
125Guy Skinner154Aldbourne ClubPremier
126Guy Skinner120Aldbourne ClubPremier
127Dennis Smith161Coleview XPremier
128Dennis Smith157Coleview XPremier
129Phil Smith116North Swindon C
130Terry Smith132Stratton RBL AA
131Terry Smith152Stratton RBL AA
132Steve Squires116Coleview AA
133Anton Starling108Plough - Highworth BD
134D Steele145Saracens B
135D Steele124Saracens B
136Neil Sutton104High St Club OXB
137Neil Sutton126High St Club OXB
138James Tait104Bees Knees Premier
139Clive Taylor121Charrins CC
140Dave Taylor150Duke of Edinburgh XA
141Dave Thompson140Rodbourne Cheney XA
142Colin Tilling100Kingsdown BE
143Alan Turnell160Abbey MeadsPremier
144Paddy Waddell105Bees Knees XXLB
145Mick Walsh108New Inn BE
146Paul Webb111New Century XA
147Chris Webber102The ManorD
148Fred Welch156New Inn AB
149Darren Wickell119North Swindon BF
150Jim Wilde170High St Club TF
151D Williams108Cotswold ClubE
152D Williams120Cotswold ClubE
153Keith Williams141Even Swindon GE
154Adam Wills146Jesters BD